Ages: 2 3/4 – 6 years
2, 3, 4 or 5 days a week

Summit Times:
Preschool threes: 9:15 a. m. until 12:15 p. m.
Pre-K fours: 9:00 a. m. until 12:00 o’clock noon
12 o’clock noon until 2:00 p. m. – is an optional extended day program. You may sign up on a regular basis or on a drop in basis.

Countrywood Times:
Preschool threes: 9:00 a. m. until 1:00 p. m.
Pre-K fours: 9:15 a. m. until 1:15 p. m.
Kindergarten: 9:15 a. m. until 2:15 p. m.
Extended day: 7:30 a. m. until 5:00 p. m.

Summit toddlers must be two years old to attend. They do not need to be potty trained. This class attends one, two, or three days a week on Tuesday/Thursday/Friday

Preschoolers must be three by December 30 and potty trained.

Pre-K must be four by December 30.

Children with late birthdays between September 30 and December 31 may attend either pre-K or preschool threes depending on readiness.

Kindergartners must be five by December 31. Kindergarten is a five day a week program.